maps an ecology of power spanning 4,000 miles across Texas. From offshore oil-rigs to the mouth of the Rio Grande, BECOME THE SKY weaves a web of energy and politics in the context of war–and capitalism. West Texas wind-farms. Enron. LBJ. Gulf War. Traffic. Permaculture. Comanche Peak Nuclear Power Plant. Padre Island National Seashore. Cheney’s energy plan. Pantex. OPEC. Houston Ship Channel. Childress Cotton Farmers. Longhorn Pipeline. Supply & Demand. Solar Eclipse. Election 2000. Napalm. The lunar cycle. Port Arthur. US Fish & Wildlife Service Law Enforcement Division-Lubbock. The dry mouth of the Rio Grande. Like Sun Tzu’s The Art of War, Dunn’s new film is “a loosely linked set of observations and models, with only the barest argumentation connecting them. It does not develop its doctrines through logical demonstration. Rather, it teaches by analogy and metaphor. We cannot simply pluck its insights and drop them into our already existing frameworks. We must develop new ways to use our minds.”