DESERT OF THE REAL (Working Title)


Produced & Directed by
Laura Dunn & Jef Sewell

Executive Producers
Terrence Malick, Robert Redford, Nick Offerman & Nelda Sue Yaw



DESERT OF THE REAL (working title) explores the denaturing of American childhood and the unexpected consequences of immersing young minds in the virtual realm. Part film essay, part verité study, the narrative interleaves provocative interviews with thinkers on topics such as child development and the re-patterning power of screens with scenes from a boyhood ages 3 to 13.

About The Film

The third feature documentary from director Laura Dunn and Executive Producers Terrence Malick and Robert Redford, DESERT OF THE REAL completes a trilogy of films that began with THE UNFORESEEN (2007) and continued with LOOK & SEE: A PORTRAIT OF WENDELL BERRY (2017).

No one can discover the world for someone else.
— Wendell Berry